About me

Dans la forêt
In the woods

Running …

I was always exempted from sport during my first years of school because of my asthma. It suited me anyway. I hated sports, I preferred to haunt libraries and escape through reading.
Time has passed, a lot of time. I woke up at 40, after three pregnancies and a shapeless figure. I then discover that I have a body. I reconnect with physical effort. Fitness for four years, then one day, exactly on January 23, 2008, I fell in love with running.
One day, I put on sneakers that were lying around the house and I ran. First 10 minutes when I thought I was dying of starvation, then twenty and finally thirty minutes without walking. Whooooh Yippee!!!
A month later, I said to myself that running aimlessly was not motivating. So why not a ten kilometer? When I spoke of competition, people only spoke to me of a marathon. It was out of the question for me. It was an unattainable dream.
No, no, I’ll settle for those ten kilometres. I ran them and I liked it. Then, insidiously, the idea settled in me, if others have done it, why not me?

… the Planet

Saut devant le Burj al Arab
Burj Al Arab

I know I can’t run forever, so I had to make a choice.
The most important thing for me is to discover a new city at the same time. Good, OK, it is missed for Paris, New York and London but I could not not take part in it.
I need a challenge and also a change of scenery.
So I’m going to run all over the world and in France until my legs can’t hold me anymore, then I’ll see.